About nomadseason §

The idea of the service is dead simple. We love to travel and stay in different places for a long time. Our service will help you choose the best time for such trips.

When we stay in one place for more than a month, we don't need a 100% guarantee of great weather. It's okay if it rains for several days (we have to work somehow after all).

So the best time to work is when the high season is over, but at least 50 percent of the time is still pleasant. Among other things, this allows you to rent housing much cheaper.

So what we lacked was a service that would allow us to assess the chances of good weather in a particular place. Moreover, the definition of good weather is very different from what you want to do in the new location: lie on the beach, ski, or both. So it would be nice to consider not only the high/low temperature.

Wikipedia partially solved this problem. But we were missing:

  • All information is in one form for different locations. Data and their presentation can be various.
  • Possibility to compare a few places.
  • Up-to-date data. Shoulder season can be predicted much more accurately using actual data.
  • More climate variables: sunshine hours, UV Index, humidity, and comfort index.

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Questions? Please contact us: feedback at nomadseason dot com